surprise surprise
wooded glade
stag do
peeping tom
Sir James Thornhill
inappropriate behaviour
diana actaeon

Diana & Actaeon. Copper plate engraving after Sir James Thornhill. This engraving is released in its various states as a single edition (Edition Variable) of only 12 prints (9 available) They are made using various papers and different colour overlays rolled on to the plate after primary inking and prior to printing.

Each print signed and numbered / 12 EV.  Image size 16 x 10.5cm

Priced to sell!  £95 mounted using Arqadia Conservation board (inc. UK delivery)  Framing service also available but this will incur an extra delivery charge.  Back to thumbnails click here

1/12 EV .

2/12 EV

3/12 EV

4/12 EV

5/12 EV

7/12 EV

1/12 EV

6/12 EV

9/12 EV

8/12 EV